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Metal Roofing Systems1

Shark Commercial Roofing Systems specializes in durable, attractive, and energy-efficient metal roofing systems. Our West Hollywood, CA roofing experts provide long-lasting solutions. Call us at (213) 466-0074 to understand how our metal roofing services may change your property.

Installation Process

Metal roofing installation requires numerous steps:

1. Assessment and Planning: We evaluate your roof structure to determine the ideal metal roofing option for your property. Taking accurate measurements and determining structural repairs are required.

2. Preparation: Prepare the roof surface by removing old materials and cleaning it to a satisfactory condition. This step addresses structural renovations to establish a sturdy base for the new roof.

3. Underlayment Installation: Install a high-quality underlayment to protect against moisture and improve roof insulation.

4. Metal Panel Installation: Install metal panels carefully, starting from the bottom edge and going upwards. For a snug fit, specific fasteners and methods secure the panels. Panel alignment and seam and edge sealing are carefully considered to prevent leaks.

5. Finishing Touches: After installation, trim, flashing, and other finishing touches are added for a polished and professional effect. Final inspections ensure the installation meets our high quality and craftsmanship requirements.

Cost Factors

Metal Roofing Systems

The type of metal used considerably affects roofing costs. Steel, the cheapest and most robust, comes in numerous colors. Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and more expensive than steel. Copper is durable, elegant, and expensive due to its premium status and longevity. Metal quality and thickness determine initial cost; thicker gauges cost more but last longer.

Roof size and complexity affect cost. Since larger roofs require more materials and labor, initial costs climb. Angled roofs, dormers, and delicate architectural components complicate and cost more to install. Steep roof slopes may require more expensive safety precautions and equipment.

Additional features and accessories may affect metal roofing system pricing. Basic to premium insulating materials affect upfront costs and long-term energy savings for energy efficiency and climate management. Synthetic or felt underlayment costs depend on quality, durability, and protection. Reflective and protective coatings for energy efficiency and weather protection cost more but last longer.

Installation and labor costs greatly affect metal roofing system pricing. Roof deck preparation, flashing and trim installation, and metal panel or shingle placement require competence. Accessibility, roof slope, and location affect labor costs. Professional metal roofing contractors are necessary for proper installation and long-term performance, but they cost more.

Warranty coverage and maintenance are vital when calculating metal roofing system costs. High-quality metal roofs sometimes have longer warranties on materials and workmanship, giving you peace of mind and financial savings if issues develop. Inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs can prolong roof life and prevent costly concerns.

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