Things You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Coating

Commercial roofing systems are coated or sealed to improve durability, waterproofing, and energy efficiency. These coatings stick to metal, EPDM, TPO, PVC, modified bitumen, BUR, and concrete commercial roofing. Shark Commercial Roofing Systems offers West Hollywood, California clients a range of commercial roof coatings to meet their demands. Request an estimate at 213-466-0074 today!

Commercial Roof Coatings – Benefits Explained

Coatings extend the life and efficiency of commercial roofs. A smooth, waterproof membrane prevents roof leaks and humidity. In commercial roof coatings, reflective pigments or additives reduce heat absorption and improve solar reflection. This saves energy by lowering cooling expenses and improving comfort. Flexible and elastomeric commercial roof coatings don’t break or peel when temperatures change. Their versatility and ease of use for various roofing materials and constructions make them cost-effective for new construction and roof repair. By protecting, enhancing energy efficiency, and extending roof life, eco-friendly commercial roof coatings save building owners and managers money and resources.

What are the Types of Commercial Roof coatings?

Custom commercial coatings satisfy industry. Durable epoxy coatings withstand chemicals. This coating is used on factory and warehouse floors where heavy machinery and foot activity wear surfaces quickly. Smooth, easy-to-clean epoxy coatings provide substantial protection. They withstand stains and abrasions.

Polyurethane, another commercial coating, is versatile and durable. Outdoor furniture, autos, and buildings employ polyurethane coatings for UV protection and color retention. These coatings are ideal for tough interior and exterior surfaces due to their high-gloss finish and weather resistance.

Thermal spray coatings have industrial and commercial benefits. Applying molten or powdered materials improves wear, corrosion, and thermal insulation. Thermal spray coatings protect aerospace, maritime, and energy components from chemicals, erosion, and high temperatures. The correct commercial coating may save maintenance costs, extend asset life, and improve application performance.

Cost Factors

Coating selection is critical. Coatings offer distinct benefits. Silicone coatings are weatherproof. They cost more upfront but save money over time due to longer warranties and lower maintenance. Acrylic coatings are cheaper upfront but may require more reapplications and maintenance, increasing their lifetime cost.

Second, roof size and quality dramatically impact cost. Larger roofs cost more due to coating materials and labor. How the roof looks before painting is also essential. Major roof repairs, such as cleaning, leak repairs, or structural work, cost more. Skipping these phases can increase coating expense because they’re essential to its efficacy and durability.

Finally, labor is vital to commercial roof coating prices. Task difficulty, roof accessibility, and roofing contractor experience affect labor expenses. Multi-layer coatings, complex application procedures, and accurate detailing may increase labor costs. Hiring a reliable and qualified roofing contractor ensures correct coating, optimizing performance and durability and reducing future costs.


All in all, it is easy to overlook the benefits of commercial roof coating. However, roof coatings are a great way to improve the quality of your roof. At Shark Commercial Roofing Systems in West Hollywood, CA, we ensure to provide customized options to our clients at guaranteed best pricing. Call us today on 213-466-0074 to speak with our agent!